United Kingdom Chapter

Contact us

Please find contact details below for the various branches in the IAM UK chapter.

IAM Aberdeen Branch

Adam Lea-Bischinger / Aberdeen@UK.theIAM.org

IAM Cumbria Branch

Martin Grey / Cumbria@UK.theIAM.org

IAM Eastern Branch

Chris Royce / Eastern@UK.theIAM.org

IAM London South East Branch

Keith Gardner / Zoe Cornish / London@UK.theIAM.org

IAM Midlands Branch

Samuel Beamish / Midlands@UK.theIAM.org

IAM North East Branch

Ian Gray / NorthEast@UK.theIAM.org

IAM North West Branch

Graeme Bruce / NorthWest@UK.theIAM.org

IAM Scotland Branch

Alan Crilly/Claire Phelan / Scotland@UK.theIAM.org

IAM South West Branch

Andrew McArthur / SouthWest@UK.theIAM.org

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