The professional body for whole life management of physical assets

UK Branches

The IAM UK Branches provide a great opportunity for those working in or having an interest in the field of asset management to get together to share and discuss ideas and best practice, to further the advancement of our industry and to develop a strong local network of like minded professionals all within your local region.  If you are interested in finding out more about the committee, events and activities within your area, please get in touch with the relevant contacts below.

North West Branch
Branch Lead - Graeme Bruce (
Branch Co Lead - Tom Elner (

Midlands Branch
Branch Lead - Clare Wain (
Branch Co Lead - Jason Glasson (

Scotland Branch
Branch Lead - Gordon Reid (

North East Branch
Branch Lead - Ian Gray (

Cumbria Branch
Branch Lead - Martin Grey (

Eastern Branch
Branch Lead - Chris Royce (

South East/London Branch
Branch Lead - Nigel Earnshaw (
Branch Co Lead - Vineet Puri (

South West Branch
Branch Lead - Jonathan Booth (

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